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Parade in honor of 30 years of the Naval Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On August 17, under the leadership of the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Khusainov Marat, a parade of the Naval Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in the city of Aktau.

With the participation of the guard of honor company and the orchestra of the Ministry of Defense, the ships of the Navy, designed by JSC "Ural Plant" Zenith ", which is a subsidiary of JSC" NC "Kazakhstan Engineering", passed across the sea opposite the embankment.

The event was attended by Akim of the Mangistau region Nogaev Nurlan, the first cosmonaut of Kazakhstan and a hero of the Soviet Union, Major General Aubakirov Tokhtar, rear admiral and adviser to JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "Komratov Ratmir, heads of JSC" Research Institute "Gidropribor" and JSC "Ural Plant "Zenith", as well as other guests of honor.

The naval forces were created by the Decree of the President in 1993, and on August 17, 1996, the Naval flag of independent Kazakhstan was raised for the first time. In 2003, the Decree of the President "On measures to further improve the structure of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan" was issued and the Naval Forces were finally formed as an independent branch of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today we can say with confidence that they have become the guarantor of stability in the Caspian region.

For further improvement and expansion of the Naval Forces, the Office of the Commander of the Naval Forces in the city of Aktau was formed. This structure includes three divisions of ships and boats, a rear base, a training center, a communications center, a special-purpose company and a hydrographic service. At the same time, a shipbuilding program was developed and approved on the basis of domestic enterprises - JSC Ural Plant Zenit and JSC Research Institute Gidropribor. According to the program, the construction of ships and boats for the Naval Forces and naval units of the Border Troops of the Republic of Kazakhstan was organized.

The history of the birth of the enterprise "Zenith" began in 1941 under the names "Zavod im. K. Voroshilov "and" 231st plant ". In 1991, the plant was renamed into JSC "Ural Plant" Zenith "and began a new stage in its history, closely related to the history of the young country. Today, the enterprise specializes in the production of boats and ships that protect the country's maritime borders, carry out their maintenance, repair and modernization.

In turn, JSC Research Institute Gidropribor was established in 1972. Until 1991, the enterprise was part of the Leningrad Central Research Institute "Gidropribor" and carried out research and development work on the creation of special-purpose marine underwater equipment and technologies for its use.

The enterprise has created a whole arsenal of equipment that allows performing marine underwater technical work - these are towed uninhabited search underwater vehicles, self-propelled searchers-destroyers of sea mines, working underwater vehicles for inspection and for examining sunken objects.

Today, the Naval Forces are gaining great importance, being a force capable of ensuring the interests of the state in the Caspian region rich in oil, gas and biological resources.